About Us


In a world awash in data, the challenge is to turn data into something meaningful, something that can be communicated simply and acted upon effectively. IMR Research meets that challenge head-on, turning data into meaning through smart research design, flawless execution and innovative storytelling. Everything the company does is aimed at helping its clients move their ideas and insights through their organizations to influence change. IMR has conducted research in just about every category through globally. Informed by years of experience across categories and cultures, IMR knows what works and what doesn't, when to leverage new technology and methods, and when traditional approaches are best.


  • Most granular market segmentation in the industry.
  • In-depth analysis of patents and profiles of key market players providing a competitive landscape.
  • Market data for segments such as technologies, services & applications across geographies.
  • High level analysis of major market segments and identification of opportunities.
  • IMR-one stop solution for all your market research needs.
  • Remarkable knowledgeable and well-read analysts.
  • Global, Regional and Country Specific Research Report


  • Multi-client Market Intelligence Reports
  • Market Estimates & Forecasts
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Entry Strategies
  • Market Positioning
  • Competitive Landscape and Positioning
  • Product Positioning
  • Market Assessment & Feasibility Studies
  • Management Executive Summaries


Our team of industry experts evaluate strategic options, shape successful action plans & help companies make critical bottom-line decisions. Our huge market intelligence repository and industry experts together puts us in a position to grow alongside our clients.


  • Primary Research
  • Secondary Research
  • Company Profiles
  • Competitive Intelligence & Reporting.
  • Dedicated Research Analysts
  • Benchmarking Studies
  • Syndicated Research with CATI and CAWI aided facilities, Survey design, Data
  • Collection, Data processing and analysis, Survey programming. The survey includes
  • Concept testing, Customer satisfaction, Corporate image/perception, Subscriber
  • Surveys, Panel recruitment etc.


  • Company Profiles
  • Database Updates
  • Industry Abstracts
  • Company Listings
  • Economic Monitors
  • Investment Research
  • Industry Monitors
  • Intellectual Property Research
  • Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) target

Here's how we can help you...

  • Research coverage can be a wide range in varied or niche categories in the published data or custom-made as per client's projects
  • Assess New Product Development from inception to launch
  • Optimize investments in established brands and recommend new approaches in global territories
  • Evaluate technology partnerships between companies, study changing global technologies, regulations and markets
  • Identify and interpret trends in Consumer and Supply Chain dynamics. Recommend successful Marketing, Sales and promotional strategies
  • Discover potential in new geographical markets and analyze how to successfully expand into them
  • Analyze the Challenges, Opportunities, Market structures, Drivers and Competitive Landscape

Our Expertise

  • Compelling Business cases
  • Market size Estimations
  • Company & Market Best Practices
  • Entry or Go-To-Market strategies
  • Market Dynamics, Positioning and Segmentations
  • Competitive Landscaping and Benchmarking
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Economic Forecasting
  • Industry-specific technology solutions
  • Roadmap Analysis
  • Benchmarking key buying criteria/ unmet needs of B2B clients
  • In-depth benchmarking of vendor offerings
  • Creating strong visibility of your brand among your B2B clients - Sponsor a white paper
  • Primary Interviews